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Customer Review

“The gate turned out better than what we anticipated. With the mounted lights on both gate posts, it looks fantastic. … Again, thanks to all of your crew for doing such a splendid job.”

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What to expect from a new gate


Gates are usually made of wood, aluminium, wrought iron, or galvanised steel. Wood is one of the most affordable options, but its upkeep can be difficult. Although expensive, steel is easily the most durable; it can last for several years. If you’re keen on ensuring security, getting a steel gate is a good choice.

Size of the fence

The size of the gate will have a significant impact on the total cost of the installation project. And assuming there’s already fencing installed around the perimeter of your property, the dimensions of the fence will also play a part in determining the appropriate size for the gate.

Special services

Custom gates are generally more expensive than prefabricated ones. You’ll also have to spend more money if you choose automatic gates over manual ones. Additionally, expect costs to rise if the gate will have to be installed on a sloping or uneven terrain as this will require more work.