An electric sliding gate at Sydney gates is an ideal solution when the space has limited due to restrictions while opening and closing. Sliding gates are also a good way of creating more usable space for parking from the area which would have been required for swing gate opening. 

Where the driveway entrance turns to the right or the left and a wing type gate would form an obstruction to the turning vehicle again the makes an electric sliding gate the ideal choice.

Whenever extra security is required the driveway can be closed off by the electric gate, then the electric sliding gate forms the ideal solution. Unlike swinging gates they are highly ‘ram’ resistant.

Convenience and Security

Safety devices are strongly recommended, if not required, when automating a gate. Such safety devices may include safety photo beams, safety edges, and loops and loop detectors. 

Safety devices are designed and installed to protect against the gate closing on a vehicle. Due to the linear movement of a sliding gate, the path of the gate is limited in comparison to a swing gate which swings in an arc approximately 90 degrees.